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  • Which devices do you repair?
We repair all brands of personal computers and laptops.

  • Do you repair tablets, mobile phones, Apple devices or game consoles?
We do not repair them anymore. We are focusing on laptops and PC`s only.
However, we can still help you to set up your mobile devices and help you learn the basics of using most mobile products.

  • Which areas do you cover?
Our coverage areas extends to a radius of 20 miles from Sholing.

  • Are you qualified engineers?
Yes, we are. We have Master and Engineer degrees in IT.
We also have other certification like Comptia+ etc. We also have many years of experience on computer repair field.

  • Do I need to book to bring my computer in for repair?
Yes, there is always need to book a convenient time slot

  • Why do you charge a diagnostic service charge?
We have a small diagnostic service charge because sometimes diagnose can take few hours,
after which customer may decide not to proceed.

  • How can I pay for my repair?
We accept cash and card payments.

  • What is your repair guarantee?
In reference to software repairs we offer a 1 week guarantee, if the problem re-occurs we will fix it at no extra cost.
Hardware repairs we offer a 30 day guarantee on the service and generally all parts have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

  • What is the fastest way to contact you?
Quickest way to contact us is via facebook or google chat. Usually, one of us is available on chat.
You can also text us or send us an email. If you prefer to call and we can’t answer, please leave us a message, we will try to call you back asap.

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We speak Polish
We speak English

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