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We  try to fix our prices and agree ahead of starting work,
how much the repair will cost
(price may be lower/higher, depends of problem).
If your computer is old and badly damaged we may advise you
to buy a new computer rather than repair it,
to not waste your money.
We usually have in stock reliable and fully refurbished laptops
to sell for affordable prices if your computer require replacement.
Then we will clone data from your device and install it on new device,
so you will keep all your data and programs.

Some of our prices:

Virus Removal £50
Computer service £40-80
Data recovery £60-80
Motherboard repair £70-100
Laptop screen replacement £50-60 + screen
Laptop keyboard replacement
£20-60 + keyboard
DC/USB socket
£40-60 + socket/port
Computer check/diagnosis (if no fix) free or £20

Cleaning/thermal paste replacement £40-60
HDMI port replacement £60 + port

Small Business IT support
Up to 3 PC's - £120PCM
Up to 9 PC's - £250PCM
Business rate £60 per hour

Computer collection/delivery in Southampton £10
Priority repair additional £20
Card payment
We accept card payment.
We can buy your computer!

Broken or damaged laptops and PC`s. If you have damaged device
please tell us what happend. If it is possible also send a photos.
We can pick it up for free in Southampton and nearest area.
Need a fast cash for your unwanted gift? We can buy your fully working computer.
You will need to have a receipt or sign a statement, that you are an owner.
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Elderly computer repair services

We speak Polish
We speak English

Laptop screen repair services

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