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 Terms and conditions  
Our agreement
The following are terms of a legal agreement between MB&IT computer repair (we) and a client (you). By using our computer repair service you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to all terms and conditions below.

Repair service
You are responsible for ensuring that you have backed up all yours data. We will not be responsible for any loss of data, photos, documents, information, website links or any programs on your computer (device). If you not made backup, we can do this for you. Please inform us about it, before we start computer (device) repair. You are also responsible to inform us about any extraordinary or unusual hardware or software changes made on your computer (device).
If you failed to do that we cannot be responsible for any issues related to that.
If your computer (device) is still under manufacturer warranty please contact them first,
because our services may affect manufacturer warranty validity.
 If we purchase parts that are required to repair your computer (device) you are obligated to cover costs of all parts ordered even if you decide to cancel the repair before computer will be return.

Limited Liability
We always aim to provide best possible service for our customers. However, on rare occasions it may happen that someone may not be completely satisfied.  We are professionals, however there is always a small risk that your computer (device) or any part may be damaged accidently. We are fully insured against such circumstances. We also making assessment and photos of all computers (devices) before we start to work and after finished job when client is collecting computer (device).Usually we are recording repair process as well.
Collection service
We can collect your computer (device) or you can deliver it by yourself. Usually we are not charging for collection when it is locally but sometimes due to different circumstances we may inform you about small additional delivery/collection charge.

We are providing free computer (device) diagnostic, but if you decide to not go ahead with the repair, or your device is beyond economical repair we will charge £20 just to cover sometimes very long testing process.
We usually trying to diagnose and repair your computer (device) same day, sometimes it may take longer than anticipated and we will inform you about any delay.


Any computer components purchased and installed on a client’s behalf are covered by the manufacturers or sellers warranty.  In cases with a component failing under manufacturers / sellers warranty we may charge again for replacement.
 We provide a 2 weeks warranty for virus removal and 4 weeks warranty for general repairs and IT services.  Any changes or modifications made by client to the services provided by us may void the warranty.
 There won’t be any guarantee for restoring data service. Depends of the damaged being done to drive we are unable to predict how much data will be restored.

Payment is due in full upon completion of repair /diagnosis, prior to release of the repaired machine

Advertising Policy

We reserve the right to use any evidence or photograph or proof in any form to demonstrate what we have accomplished on a particular project for the purpose of advertisement to attract potential customers.

Personal data
We are not storing any of your data except your first name, computer model, photos (video) before and after repair and  date of repair.

Data Ownership

When service involves transferring information or installing software, you represent that you have the legal right to copy the information and/or to use/install the software. You agree to the terms of the software license, and you authorize us to accept such terms on your behalf in performing the service. We cannot be held responsible for accidentally reporting hacked or illegal software or content.

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We speak Polish
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